Friday, August 27, 2010

Game week Begins

Thursday was the official end of preseason camp and after morning meetings and lifting, we had lunch in the dorms for the last time and it was great to see the new students moving into the dorms and we hope that they all attend the welcome BBQ tomorrow and our home opener next Thursday.  This is a personal invitation to all students to pack the True Blue section of the stadium and get loud.

At 7pm the team started the last official scrimmage of camp under the new bright lights at UB Stadium.  It was a scrimmage that focused on every possible situation that could occur during the course of a game.  This included surprise onside kicks, blocked kicks and punts, penalties, sudden changes, fakes, big plays and overtime.  The team is confident that no matter what a game or opposition throws at us we will be prepared for it.

Tomorrow the team has most of the day off with our only team activity being our attendance at the Welcome BBQ.  It will be a chance to mingle with our newest fans and get them excited for the upcoming season.
We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog as much as we have enjoyed writing it.  There is a chance that we may continue it into the regular season if there is enough interest.

GO BULLS!!!!!!