Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Wait is Almost Over

In our previous blog we forgot to mention our team building activity that occurred on Sunday night.  We held our UB’s Got Talent night which allowed players a chance to get up in front of their teammates and entertain them.  We had some great impersonations of Coach Quinn, Coach Jones and strength Coach Duval.  Also there was the always popular look alike Powerpoint presentation. 

Intense Tuesday kicked off with our usual meetings and lifting sessions followed by lunch and our afternoon practice.  Tuesday also saw the first practice with our “Scout Team”. The scout team is the group of players that are assigned to give the starters and immediate back-ups a look of what the opposing team will run. The scout team is very important to give a good look and prepare the starters for the upcoming game.  So the Rhode Island preparations are now in full swing and we are moving ever closer to the September 2nd home opener. After practice, another great team dinner was had on the concourse of the stadium and followed by more meetings.  When camp finishes, it will be strange to have to prepare meals again for ourselves. We are getting kind of used to having it ready for us right after practice.

Working Wednesday came and went and mirrored both Monday and Tuesday in terms of the schedule and it will be great to have camp officially close tomorrow with our first scrimmage under the new lights.  That will mark exactly one week til the kick off of the 2010 season and the first under Coach Quinn.  Fans you better be getting “PUMPED UP” for it because your team is prepared and ready to unleash itself on Rhode Island and the rest of the 2010 schedule.