Monday, August 16, 2010

Successful Swarming Saturday

Today was the first of two scrimmages slated for camp.  The day was treated like a normal game day with a wake up and breakfast, special teams meeting, offensive and defensive walk thru, then a pre game meal.  

The punt unit was first to be put through some scenario’s.  It was live to the punter and on one of the snaps a man came live and hit me, however the punt still got off and the official said he would have thrown a flag for roughing the punter.  Once that was done it was time for the scrimmage to begin.

All in all it was a solid scrimmage with positive plays on both sides of the ball and the team is definitely coming to grips with the new schemes.

Those in attendance would have seen the bright aqua Nike shirt that Athletic Director Warde Manual wore for the day; I think he must have lost a bet because the big man is usually impeccably dressed.  Oh and his golf game isn’t too shabby either.

Following the scrimmage we had a very special member of the UB Bulls Football Family break down the huddle.

So after the players had showered, received treatment and had something to eat the official spoke to the team about the new rules and interpretations that will be in effect this season, just one more thing the coaches are doing to make sure the team is prepared for September 2nd.