Thursday, August 12, 2010

Working Wednesday

“Working Wednesday” was the first two a day for camp and the intensity was high from the first practice period when we worked the Field Goal unit live against the defense.  Overall the three kickers (AJ #39, senior John Rachuna #85 and freshmen Jack Molloy #97) went 8 for 10 with the defense blocking two and showing that they will definitely block a few more PATs and FGs this season.  Special mentions go to senior Anel Montanez #74 and junior Richie Smith #54 who led the destruction up the middle.

Richie Smith and Anel Montanez both produced again during the team period of practice with Anel recording a sack and Richie tallying up a tackle for loss on the running back.  The defense definitely got the upper hand in the morning practice with the defensive backs and linebackers recording a few interceptions and pass breakups.

Having completed the first practice it was time to refuel, hydrate and rest in preparation for the afternoon practice where the emphasis was on finishing and being mentally “locked in”.  The conditions today meant that some players lost up to 12 pounds during one practice.  During the small amount of down time we get between practices, meetings, meals, lifting and sleeping, players do different things.  Some can be found watching extra film, whilst others like to unwind playing cards or video games in the new players lounge and some even enjoy hanging out with their pet ferrets.  Fans maybe interested to know that quite often the locker room turns into a dance floor and a dance off ensues.  We’ll leave it to your imagination as to who might have the best dance moves but let’s just say the players with the quick feet on the field are usually pretty decent off the field too.

The second practice allowed the offense to redeem themselves and some impressive plays were made.  The highlight in our opinion was redshirt Freshmen receiver Derek Brim #84, who after making a good catch, broke through a tackle to find the end zone during the live team portion of the practice.  Coach Quinn has made it clear to all that he will play the best players no matter what their class.  It has made the freshmen hungry to compete and kept the upperclassmen working harder.
The first two a day is out of the way and thankfully we are one day closer to September 2nd and the team made some significant steps towards bringing the MAC Championship back to Buffalo!!!!!

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Go Bulls
AJ #39 and Pete #13