Saturday, August 14, 2010

Perfect Practice Thursday Dominated by the Defense

This coaching staff is definitely concerned with dotting all the I’s and crossing all the tees even going as far as taping every players last name on the front and back of their helmet to speed up the process of learning everyone’s name and to help the returners get to know the freshmen and vice a versa.

With the high humidity and heat the team goes through about 100 gallons of Gatorade in one day plus water as well. The team also uses enough tape to stretch around the track at UB stadium four times.

Below are some of the questions and our answers that fans posted on UBFan.

Q: How were your golf games after the outing? Still hitting them straight?

PF: The UB Golf Day was a lot of fun and we are both avid golfers. We spent some of our time off just before camp started in Myrtle Beach playing some of the courses down there. In Buffalo we play courses such as Glen Oak, Buffalo Tournament Club and The Links at Ivy Ridge. AJ usually shoots in the low 80s and I can usually shoot in the low 90s.

Q: Being kickers, practice basically amounts to practicing kicking over and over and over again by yourselves (unless the team is specifically practicing special teams as a full unit). If you could ask the guys if there are any little games that they play amongst themselves to make that part of practice more interesting for them all? And if it gets pretty competitive as well?

PF: Well we don’t get much time to play games, however we do sometimes place a trash can on the track about 40 yards away and try to punt or kick the ball into the can. As always it gets super competitive with everyone trying to one up the others. We also practice throwing at various targets around the stadium in case we run a fake punt or FG.

Insights on Quinn

Pete- He is a very intense and passionate individual. He is always “jacked up” and that definitely rubs off on the group. You can’t help but get fired up with him around.

A.J.- I have to agree with Pete on this one. Everything he does is intense. Even just today we were playing some cards during some down time, and Coach Quinn was watching and commentating on the game, trying to get us all “jacked up”. It’s amazing how Coach can make such a simple thing as a card game feel so intense and exciting. I can’t wait to see how fired up he is on September 2nd.

Toughest conditions you ever kicked in?

Pete- In 2008 against Bowling Green were the toughest conditions I have ever punted in as it was cold, windy and snowing.

A.J.- The toughest weather conditions I have kicked was in my freshman year in Buffalo against Akron. A combination of rain, sleet and constant 30 mile an hour winds made it very difficult to kick in. The toughest crowd I have kicked in front of was also in my freshman year but it was against Penn State at Beaver Stadium in front of 107,000 screaming fans.

Favorite moment at UB Stadium

Pete- The game against Miami (OH) in 2008 is my favorite at UB Stadium. It was a nationally televised game and we ran a fake punt where I threw the ball to Mike Newton for a 15-yard completion and a first down. The atmosphere that night was fantastic and to beat Miami (OH) for the first time made it my favorite moment at UB stadium.

A.J.- I have seen some amazing moments in my time here at UB, but there are 2 that stick out in my mind. The first was the Temple game in 2008 with the Hail Mary from Drew Willy to Naaman Roosevelt as time expired. The second moment was later that year against Army. I had a field goal in overtime to give us a three point lead, and then our defense came up big to hold them to a long field goal try in which they missed. The fans made the atmosphere great and we pulled out the win in overtime.

How much, if at all has the Duval regiment helped your power?

Pete- To be honest I haven’t noticed a change in my power as such, I have made some technique changes which has led to more consistency. I definitely think Coach Duval’s regiment will help the other players on the team be faster and stronger.

A.J.- With Coach Duval’s new regiment, I have noticed an increase in my power. I feel my body is stronger overall and it will help me through the duration of the season.

How (if at all) does Coach Quinn's spread offense change your role and approach to the game?

Pete- He is definitely more aggressive with his play calls and as such we need to be prepared to perform.

A.J.- Well with a more aggressive and fast paced offense, comes more opportunities to score, so we need to be ready to score a lot and hopefully kick lots of extra points.

Do you think Quinn has confidence in you to take kicks longer than 45 yards?

A.J.- Well that is one thing that I have stressed this off season; to gain the distance and accuracy from long range. The goal for this season is to have the confidence of Coach and the other players to hit any field goal inside of 50 yards.

How's your throwing arm?

Pete - Having not grown up throwing the football I have had to work at throwing, however I am confident I can make any throw the coaches may ask me to perform. I will say that it may not look pretty but it will get to where it needs to be.

I expect to see a trick play at some point this year.

I’m sure you will

Go Bulls

Pete #13 and AJ #39