Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just Play Football

It has been a few weeks since our last blog and a lot has transpired in that time.  That’s all in the past now and its time to just go out and play football.  The coaches have stressed just forgetting about what happened and going out there and have some fun playing football, not worrying about the scoreboard, just doing our assignment and the score will take care of itself. That was the message from coach Quinn and the staff this week.  Tuesday was a particularly intense practice as several players got after it and we hope that we can carry this intensity into Saturday and feed of the atmosphere created by our loyal and vocal fans.

The walk to victory will take place at 1:10pm tomorrow and it would be great to see as many people out there as possible to get the team psyched up for the game.  We really appreciate the support and interacting with our supporters.

Go Bulls
#13 & #39

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Disappointment in Dekalb

Attention to detail is the key to winning Division I football games and despite solid preparation, we let our fans and ourselves down by our performance in Dekalb.  I will acknowledge the exceptional effort of our defense, which was constantly put in short fields and came up with stop after stop in the first half and even got us on the board thanks to a pick six by Gordon Dubois (99).

So after a long month away from UB Stadium the Bulls are looking forward to playing in front of the home crowd again.  From our perspective I think we have the best student section in the MAC and indeed the whole country.  The team is looking to pay them back with a spirited performance and a win on homecoming.

Monday was time to reflect on our mistakes and get them corrected, before we hit the field for a mental challenge.  We had to perform a number of cone drills perfectly (as in every member of the team) before we could move on to the next drill.  It was an exercise in the little details and being accountable to one another.

Intense Tuesday was a solid practice with more voice and zip in the team then has been evident over the last few weeks.

Go Bulls

#13 & #39

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ready to Rumble with the Huskies

The bye week was spent preparing for our next challenge, Northern Illinois.  This will be a huge test but one that this team is ready to take.  The bye week came to a conclusion with a grueling mental and physical workout that involved a number of stations with varying strength and conditioning activities.  Following the workout we were informed that we had earned the weekend off for our efforts at practice that week.  Most players took the opportunity to get home, see family and friends and relax mentally and physically.

Monday was used as a bonus day to work a few extra situations and get some extra work on our game plan for Northern Illinois.

Intense Tuesday was used to rep some specific situations that might occur and strengthen the understanding of the game plan and how we will attack NIU.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back to Work

It's tough to win Division I football games and so whenever you get one it feels good, and this was no different.  The win sure made the long bus trip home a more bearable and allowed us to open conference play in the right way. Coach Quinn had stressed earlier in the week about going out there and having fun and just playing football the way we know how to and the rest would take care of itself. We knew we had to win; it didn’t matter how we won or by how much but that we had to pull this win out. And we did, it wasn’t pretty at times, but we won and now prepare for our next challenge. We have a bye this week so extra time to correct the errors and get some people healthy and fit again before heading to Northern Illinois to take on the Huskies in a fortnight.

Monday we had our usual film review and whilst we played well in some aspects, other areas need major improvement. Tuesday we were given the day off allowing players to catch up on any school work and relax a little bit before getting back at it for “Working Wednesday”.  The coaches are out recruiting for future Bulls, which means that only Coach Quinn, Inge and Forest will be conducting practice tomorrow and Thursday.

Special mention to Khalil Mack (#46) who was named the MAC-East Defensive Player of the Week for his efforts against Bowling Green.

Also thanks to the loyal fans that braved the weather and the heart stopping final few seconds to give the team much needed support on the road.

Go Bulls

#13 & #39

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ready to Attack the MAC

Working Wednesday and Perfect Practice Thursday were both conducted under grey clouds and there was significant rainfall on Thursday. However, that did not distract the determined Bulls as we embark on the first of our conference games.  Practice was up tempo and very crisp with many receivers bringing down catches that would be difficult in dry conditions let alone windy and wet ones.  The defense spent the week working on creating more turnovers and dominating the line of scrimmage, both of which will determine the outcome of Saturday’s game.

Friday morning began with breakfast at the stadium followed by a short team meeting.  The team room has been decorated with posters and billboards offering support to the team and it was much appreciated by the players.  Following the meeting, we boarded the buses for the 6-hour trip to Doyt Perry Stadium.  Some players slept, others studied their game notes/tips, some studied class notes and others watched movies.  On our bus, which included the linebackers and defensive line we watched “Book of Eli”, “Training Day” and “300”.

We conducted our Focus Friday shake out at the stadium and are now relaxing in the hotel mentally preparing for the start of conference play.

And as a side note I (Peter) would like to let those of you who maybe interested in checking out Australian Football (which is the sport I played prior to American Football) know that ESPN Classic will be televising the Grand Final (similar to the Superbowl) between my team the Collingwood Magpies and the St Kilda Saints tonight at midnight.  Rest assured Bulls fans I will be asleep before then but will check the result as soon as I wake on Saturday morning.

Go Bulls!!!

#13 & #39