Friday, September 30, 2011

Dig a little deeper

That’s the philosophy for this week. We are under no illusions as to how big the challenge is in front of us, however this team has a spirit that will never quit. It will take a full team effort for four complete quarters to get the job done. We will need execute on both defense and offense and make some big plays on special teams.

After arriving in Knoxville we went to the stadium for our usual shake out and the team looked sharp and focused. Following that we had our team meal and then meetings to finalize the game plan before returning to our rooms for some relaxation before we head to bed for an earlier than usual wake up due to the early kickoff tomorrow.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

FB: Pete Fardon Chats With Isaac Baugh

Time for Resilience

Obviously the result on Saturday was not what we wanted nor expected. Once again our execution let us down. Collectively we as a team need to get better and more consistent in order to achieve our goals.

The student support was amazing and we hope that the student body and in particular True Blue continues to support us as it does and will definitely make a difference when we get into conference play.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

Saturday, September 24, 2011


It's great to be back home after last week and get a chance to play in front of our loyal fans.

The team feels as though we let one slip away last week by failing to play 4 quarters of consistent Buffalo Bulls football. That has been the focus this week and there is a different feeling amongst the group.

Tailgating begins at 2pm so come join in the festivities on True Blue avenue and support the team on its “walk to victory” at 3:30pm.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

FB: Pete Fardon Chats With Branden Oliver

Tough Loss

After a spirited come back the team fell short of winning our first conference game of the season. The lesson we need to take from this game is that we need to play 4 quarters of consistent football. We can’t afford to have lapses at any point of the game.

We arrived back in Buffalo at 3 am and had medical check in on Sunday before getting the afternoon off to relax and rest and get ready for the week.

This week we are back at UB Stadium and will be looking to bounce back from a tough road loss.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Conference Play Ups the Ante

Following our 24-hour rule (which is the time we give ourselves to think about the previous game) it was time to shift our focus to the first conference opponent of the season, the Ball State Cardinals.

Focus Friday began with a flight to Indianapolis followed by a visit to the NCAA Hall of Champions and then a shake out at the Indianapolis Colts NFL training facility.

Following the team dinner and team meetings it is time to relax and get ready for the best day of the week; Successful, Swarming Saturday.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Good Feeling

Waking up on Sunday morning was much better than usual. It’s amazing what a win can do for morale around the team and the stadium. Following treatment and medical check in players can use Sunday to relax, catch up with family that is in town or get ahead in their academics.

The atmosphere at UB Stadium was one that I haven’t experienced for a long time and the student section was probably the largest I have ever seen at UB Stadium. The True Blue section was loud and it definitely pumps the team up. Being able to celebrate with the fans after the game adds to the experience for all involved and I urge those students who attended on Saturday to came back and bring a few friends so we can really make it intimidating for Connecticut when they come in two weeks.

But before then its time to get back to work and prepare for our first MAC opponent in Muncie, Indiana against Ball State.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

Friday, September 9, 2011

Back Home

After a solid week of practice the team has now settled into the hotel. Following the team dinner there were unit meetings to go over the game plan and make sure everyone is mentally prepared.
The team is looking forward to playing in front of our home fans and in particular the members of True Blue.
For further information about the game day activities please visit

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The One That Got Away

It was a hollow feeling in the locker room after the game as the team realized we were definitely in with a shot to beat Pittsburgh. There was however a strange sense of accomplishment as players realized that we have improved and have the ability to compete with anyone on our remaining schedule starting with Stony Brook this weekend. The team is looking forward to playing in front of our fans at UB Stadium and I encourage you all to get out and experience the new tailgating area known as “True Blue Avenue” next to Alumni Arena. Get there early to enjoy the atmosphere and interact with the team during our “walk to victory.”

I would like to acknowledge the fans and the True Blue members that made the trip down to Pittsburgh, you were loud and proud and the team appreciates your support.

Yesterday the team watched the film and made the necessary corrections before getting in a solid lift and some more recovery. Today is Intense Tuesday and our focus shifts to Stony Brook.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bulls v Panthers

After what has seemed like an eternity the 2011 Buffalo Bulls Football team gets a chance to perform. Our first opportunity is against the Big East conference powerhouse Pittsburgh Panthers at Heinz Field on Saturday evening.
After a solid week of practice, which included a few portions in the deluge that occurred on Monday afternoon, we are ready for anything Pittsburgh or Mother Nature might throw at us.

Following a bus trip down and then a quick inspection of Heniz Field the team has now settled into the hotel. Its less than 24 hours until kick off and all that remains is to polish up mentally and relax until game time.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13