Saturday, August 27, 2011

Final 2 Days of Camp

Yesterday saw the team go through another practice in preparation for Pittsburgh. In a sign of ramping up the intensity coach Quinn had me do a little bit “push crackin” in a 9 on 7 drill. Now I will be the first to admit that I’m no expert but Bulls fans can rest assured that should it be required, the specialists will be more than capable of “crackin” a few big hits this year.

Saturday saw us go through a modified pregame routine and a bench-controlled scrimmage before moving out of the hotel into our residences for the semester.

Camp is officially over however the work does not stop as we hit game week on Monday in final preparation for Pittsburgh.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Preseason Game

Tonight the team was put through a mock game day with a practice scrimmage slated for 6pm (the same time as our season opener).

The day began with a later wake up and breakfast at the Ellicott dorms where even in the morning there were a lot of incoming freshmen preparing to move in. It made it a bit hectic in the car parks but hopefully we will see plenty of them at UB Stadium this season. To the freshmen, welcome to UB and please come out and support your Buffalo Football team and all the athletic teams. It is a great experience and you will have plenty of fun.

After breakfast the team had a light lift and some film review of yesterday’s practice.
Following that we had a few hours to relax before meetings and pregame warm up before taking to UB Stadium for our last scrimmage.

The tempo was upbeat and plenty of situations were presented to the team so as to better prepare the team for Pittsburgh.

9 sleeps until Pittsburgh

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Working Wednesday

The final two-a-day of camp was conducted today and it was another day in which the 2011 Bulls got better. The focus was and has always been to improve our techniques and fundamentals and to prepare for Pittsburgh on September 3rd at Heinz Field. I know the players are looking forward to hitting people other than teammates and that was reflected in the spirit of practice today.

Following the second practice of the day the team took some time to meet and greet the season ticket holders who attended an open practice and who were also able to pick out the best seats in the stadium for them to view Buffalo Football.

For those yet to get their tickets check out for more ticketing information.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

FB: Pete Fardon Chats With Gordon DuBois

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Intense Tuesday

Today saw the team hit the grass practice fields to continue preparations for our season opener at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. It was another spirited practice with the team going through many game like situations to ensure the 2011 Bulls are prepared. Following lunch the team watched the film from the morning practice and got a solid lift in as well.

This evening we had Willie Evans (member of the 1958 UB Football Team) speak to the team about his experiences and his passion for everything UB. He spoke about teamwork and the meaning of hard work.

Tomorrow is the team's last two-a-day and the team is holding an open practice for any fans who want to catch a glimpse of the 2011 Bulls. For more details visit

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Mental Monday

After a relaxing day yesterday it was back to work for the Bulls with two very intense practices. I haven’t mentioned too many individual performances from camp because we are all about the team, however two plays that stuck in my mind from today were a steamrolling goal line run from sophomore running back Branden Oliver (#32) and a diving over the head catch by sophomore wide-receiver Alex Neutz (#19).

Don’t forget to get all your Bulls gear from the online store at where you can order the new jersey’s and customize them with any name or number as well.

12 days and counting

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

FB: Pete Fardon Chats With Alex Zordich

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Scrimmage

When the alarm went off this morning the body was a little sore and stiff from yesterdays two-a-day, however that was alleviated when I realized that it was Saturday and another scrimmage. Our scrimmages are designed to replicate a game day and as such the intensity increases a few notches from the weekday practices. Added to that it was also family weekend so plenty of family members and friends were on the sidelines to catch a glimpse of the 2011 Bulls.

The scrimmage was intense with good work in all three phases and plenty of individuals stepped up to show the coaches their abilities.

Following the scrimmage players were given the afternoon off to spend time with family and friends. Tomorrow is our off day so we will watch the scrimmage film and then off to Darien Lakes amusement park for the afternoon.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

FB: Pete Fardon Chats With Corey Jorgensen and Scott Pettigrew

Friday, August 19, 2011

Focus Friday

Another two-a-day was completed today and the team definitely made some improvements. The afternoon practice was conducted on our grass practice fields to start preparing the legs for our opening game against Pittsburgh at Heinz Field (which is natural grass).

Tomorrow is family weekend and as such many of the players families are coming in and will be granted field access to practice and then watch our scrimmage. For any fans that want to experience a UB Football practice and get to meet and greet the players they have the opportunity to do so at an open practice next Wednesday August 24th. For all the details go to

Keep an eye out for my next installment of player interviews as there is a new look for me and a few other team mates.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Practice #13

Thursday saw a slight change in our regular schedule for a day with only one practice. Instead of practicing in the morning we got a light lift in and did some film review before eating lunch.

The afternoon saw us go through a number of situations that might arise in a game and it was another chance for us to get some live reps. We had officials at the scrimmage and then after dinner they presented us with information regarding new rule changes and clarification on other areas of the game.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Working Wednesday

Another two-a-day is in the books and another day the Bulls spent preparing for the season opener at Pittsburgh. There was intensity among the group in the morning practice that indicated the team was mentally sharp and physical.

Another short break and the team hit the field for the afternoon practice, which was a 24 period half pads practice.

After I had completed my special teams requirements I was required to head over to speak with the residential advisors about the importance of encouraging the students in their dorms to get out and experience athletic events on campus and enjoy time with their fellow students.

Following along that line, I would like to personally invite all students to our home opener on September 10th against Stony Brook and all our home games in the 2011 season. Also there is a new tailgating section called True Blue Avenue. Check out for more details.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Media Day Chat With Jimmy Gordon

Intense Tuesday (Media Day)

Despite only having a one-hour practice today on account of it being Media Day, the intensity was still at a high level and the Bulls definitely got better following a solid two-a-day yesterday.

Today was my turn to break the huddle after the team warm up and I spoke about being better today then we were yesterday and to not waste any opportunities to become a better team.
Following practice the team refueled with another solid lunch before donning our new look uniforms for media day.

The afternoon was spent reviewing film and doing a light recovery lift before adjourning to the hotel for another night before another two-a-day tomorrow

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mental Monday

Our second two-a-day of camp allowed the team to get back at it and whilst we are still in our install phase there is a definite change in focus with the season opener at Pittsburgh only 20 days away.

The second practice of the day saw a focus on goal line offense and defense and positive signs on both sides of the ball were on display. The 2011 Bulls will definitely score more points and make it very difficult for teams to get in the end zone.

Tomorrow is media day, which means the locker room, resembled a barbershop during the middle of the day as players got fresh cuts for photos.

Our new jersey’s will be on display tomorrow and I will be conducting a few interviews of my own so keep an eye out for those.

Sunday Fun Day

After a generous sleep in (8:30am) the team ate breakfast and then watched the film from Saturday afternoon’s scrimmage. Following that coach Quinn and the senior class went to Dave and Buster’s for some food and to play a few games and generally relax and bond off the field a little bit more. The underclassmen stayed at the stadium and went through media relations training and a light workout.

Sunday evening consisted of a team meeting followed by the annual UB Football Talent Show were players are invited to share their non-football talents in front of the team. There were some interesting performances and plenty of laughs. Following that the team returned to the hotel for a snack before lights out.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Successful, Swarming Saturday

Saturday saw the first two-a-day for camp and our first live full contact scrimmage. The morning was an 18 period half pads practice which begun with a field goal period. Following the morning practice was lunch and then a quick turn around to the afternoon practice. The afternoon was a full padded practice that was 12 periods of drills followed by a 12 period live scrimmage. Plenty of good plays were made on both sides of the ball as well on the punt unit that was the only special teams unit involved in the scrimmage. Offensively Branden Oliver #32 and Brandon Murie #11 both had solid production at running back. Defensively Khalil Mack #46 and Steve Means #40 both got into the backfield. Whilst the defensive did force a few three and outs the offense didn’t turn the ball over once.

We were given Saturday evening off to relax in the hotel before our first off day of camp on Sunday, although treatment and film review will still take place, giving players a chance to get better mentally whilst resting physically.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

Friday, August 12, 2011

Full Pads Friday

As most folks are gearing down for the weekend, the UB Bulls football team was gearing up for our first practice in full pads for camp. The tone was set with our rodeo drill and the intensity was the highest I can remember. Players threw themselves at each other and the familiar sounds of football rippled through the air at UB stadium.

The afternoon was filled with meetings and film review as usual, although we did lift as well today making it a long and tough day.

Tomorrow is the first two-a-day and will allow us to refine more of our schemes and techniques before our first rest day of camp on Sunday.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Rodeo Comes to TownTomorrow

Thursday was the last day of the acclimatization period and tomorrow we will practice in full pads and have our first full contact session. Should be very interesting to see the traditional “Buffalo Rodeo” drill that pits one defensive player against one offensive player in a blocking/block destruction scenario. Always makes for a very intense start to practice and will no doubt set the tone for the day.

The second round of the rap battle took place tonight and unfortunately I was unable to attend as I had a final exam to take. I will get a full report and bring you the details at a later date. This week some players who have had summer session classes have had to balance camp with studying for final exams, just another challenge of being a student athlete.

After our meetings tonight a number of players attended a self-run bible study session whilst others took the time to relax their bodies or study their playbooks some more.

24 Days and counting

The season opener is just around the corner and today was another step in the process of getting ready to beat Pittsburgh on September 3rd. The familiar sounds of football were back today as the shoulder pads were dusted off and strapped back on for the first time.

The sun came out again today and plenty of players shone on the field during a spirited team session. The intensity continues to improve and both the offense and defense took some giant strides as players better grasp the concepts due to the already countless hours of film review.

The team continues to bond off the field and in an effort to allow some members of the team with lyrical writing abilities, a rap battle has been setup to take place over the next few days during our breaks, so should be interesting to see who is crowned champion. The first round was today and some surprising results occurred. It is a good way for the team to come together and have a few laughs and relax a little bit.

For those students who read this blog be aware that True Blue is organizing a road trip to the Pittsburgh game. For further details please visit their website

Also to anyone who has any questions about the team and camp please feel free to email me at

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Improvement and Polish as the rain falls at UB Stadium

The team completed its second practice of camp and the intensity and polish was even better than yesterday despite the light rain falling. Of course tomorrow will see the intensity go up another level as we hit the field with helmets and pads on.

Following lunch, film review, walk thru’s and dinner the team had a special guest. No disrespect to Steve Tasker (who was our speaker last night) but tonight’s guest was very inspirational. The team has welcomed Jake Ortel back for another season and his on going battle with Leukemia is something this team admires. Jake addressed the team and then handed every member a wristband that we can wear to show our support for our fellow teammate and raise awareness of this disease.

Check out for more details about camp and how the other UB Bulls teams are preparing for their upcoming seasons.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13

A 3-Month Window

Summer is over for the 2011 UB Bulls Football team and after a short break following the conclusion of our 10-week summer conditioning program the team reported to the team hotel and went through the usual meetings on Sunday night so we could hit the field on Monday morning.

After an early wake up and fueling up our bodies the team hit the field for the first practice of the 2011 preseason camp. NCAA regulations stipulate that there be an “acclimatization” period so Monday’s period was just in helmets. The intensity was still high and the energy level amongst the group was impressive.

The evening was highlighted by a talk from Buffalo Bills legend Steve Tasker who spoke to the team about sacrificing everything for a 3-month span so that we can perform to the best of out abilities.

Tomorrow is another day in just helmets however the team is looking at it as another opportunity to improve.

The season opener at Pittsburgh on September 3rd is just around the corner and for details on tickets please visit or the alumni arena ticket office.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13