Thursday, August 25, 2011

Preseason Game

Tonight the team was put through a mock game day with a practice scrimmage slated for 6pm (the same time as our season opener).

The day began with a later wake up and breakfast at the Ellicott dorms where even in the morning there were a lot of incoming freshmen preparing to move in. It made it a bit hectic in the car parks but hopefully we will see plenty of them at UB Stadium this season. To the freshmen, welcome to UB and please come out and support your Buffalo Football team and all the athletic teams. It is a great experience and you will have plenty of fun.

After breakfast the team had a light lift and some film review of yesterday’s practice.
Following that we had a few hours to relax before meetings and pregame warm up before taking to UB Stadium for our last scrimmage.

The tempo was upbeat and plenty of situations were presented to the team so as to better prepare the team for Pittsburgh.

9 sleeps until Pittsburgh

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13