Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Scrimmage

When the alarm went off this morning the body was a little sore and stiff from yesterdays two-a-day, however that was alleviated when I realized that it was Saturday and another scrimmage. Our scrimmages are designed to replicate a game day and as such the intensity increases a few notches from the weekday practices. Added to that it was also family weekend so plenty of family members and friends were on the sidelines to catch a glimpse of the 2011 Bulls.

The scrimmage was intense with good work in all three phases and plenty of individuals stepped up to show the coaches their abilities.

Following the scrimmage players were given the afternoon off to spend time with family and friends. Tomorrow is our off day so we will watch the scrimmage film and then off to Darien Lakes amusement park for the afternoon.

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13