Thursday, August 11, 2011

24 Days and counting

The season opener is just around the corner and today was another step in the process of getting ready to beat Pittsburgh on September 3rd. The familiar sounds of football were back today as the shoulder pads were dusted off and strapped back on for the first time.

The sun came out again today and plenty of players shone on the field during a spirited team session. The intensity continues to improve and both the offense and defense took some giant strides as players better grasp the concepts due to the already countless hours of film review.

The team continues to bond off the field and in an effort to allow some members of the team with lyrical writing abilities, a rap battle has been setup to take place over the next few days during our breaks, so should be interesting to see who is crowned champion. The first round was today and some surprising results occurred. It is a good way for the team to come together and have a few laughs and relax a little bit.

For those students who read this blog be aware that True Blue is organizing a road trip to the Pittsburgh game. For further details please visit their website

Also to anyone who has any questions about the team and camp please feel free to email me at

Go Bulls

Pete Fardon #13