Saturday, August 14, 2010

Focus Friday

Friday was the second of our two-a-days and whilst the humidity and heat may have been a bit lower, the intensity and aggressiveness was not. Both sides of the ball got after it and if it had been a boxing match it would have been a split decision. The offensive line, led by senior guard Peter Bittner #73, stepped up and showed that they are capable of protecting our quarterbacks and creating gaps for the running backs. Both quarterbacks, sophomore Jerry Davis #4 and redshirt-freshman Alex Dennison #12, made some impressive throws showing that they are both capable of starting.

Once again the middle part of the day was used to refuel, hydrate and rest before the second practice. Fans that will be moving back into the dorms when school starts maybe interested to know that construction on the new buildings is progressing well. We have a front row seat as we drive past the construction site each day in our golf cart. That’s right fans, the specialists utilize a golf cart to move between the stadium and dorms conserving gas and cash.

The second practice (which was referred to as the second half) came around all too soon as even some of the players shoulder pads had not dried off from the morning practice. The defense came flying out of the gates with three picks whilst the offense was backed up inside their own 10-yard line. First was senior corner Dominic Cook #25 who made up for his perceived small stature by leaping in front of the receiver and holding onto the interception even after crashing to the ground. Redshirt-freshman Carlos Lammons #31 had a red letter day pulling off two interceptions during the team portion of the practice. It wasn’t all one-sided though with Jerry Davis #4 connecting with redshirt -freshman Alex Neutz #19 for a gain of over 40 yards.

Saturday will be our first scrimmage and the officials will be there, meaning that players won’t be able to get away with the little holds and other tricks employed to get an advantage.

Go Bulls

Pete #13 and AJ #39