Friday, August 20, 2010

Working Wednesday and Perfect Practice Thursday

As we write this blog we are watching three former Bulls playing in an NFL preseason game which is a testament to the caliber of players that the program has produced.

Following media day it was back to the grind of camp and another two-a-day.  Some of the emphasis has switched from our own schemes to allow for us to prepare for what Rhode Island will show on offense and defense. The urgency in practice is building as the days count down to the season opener.  By this stage of camp players can be excused for getting frustrated with the limitations placed on one another like the defense not being allowed to hit the quarterback or the offensive line not being allowed to cut the defensive linemen.  I think fans will like what they see when the players are unleashed in the season opener on September 2nd. 

We urge fans to get there tickets by visiting or the ticket office at Alumni Arena and whilst your there consider the great packages available for the season and bring along a few mates too, you won’t be disappointed with the atmosphere created by True Blue, the spirit groups (“Thunder of the East” marching band, the cheerleaders and the dance group “the Dazzlers”, former players and alumni and college football fans in general).

Friday is our last two a day before our second scrimmage on Saturday which is family day followed by a trip to Darien Lake on Sunday for some relaxation and fun.

A few blogs ago we mentioned we had a very special member of our team break the huddle, we can now tell you that it was Jacob Ortel, a young kid from Orchard Park who is battling Leukemia and we are privileged to have him and his courage as part of our team.  Jacob is and will always be part of the Buffalo Bulls Football Family and fans will be able to see Jacob on game days when he joins us and his other teammates on the sidelines.

Time to get back to the preseason game and watch some former Bulls shine.