Saturday, September 11, 2010

Deep in the Heart of Texas

The season has finally started and it was decided that “Kickin It” will continue throughout the season, so keep the questions coming.

Whilst the team has put the season opening win over Rhode Island behind us and focused on Baylor from the Big XII Conference since last Friday, we did want to take this opportunity to thank all the fans that turned out last Thursday night, especially the True Blue student section, which was tremendous.  Over the last few years here at UB the student secion has grown rapidly and become a pivotal part of creating a hostile environment for visiting teams whilst also energizing the Bulls.

This week at practice we focused in on the areas that needed improvement and locked in on our game plan for Baylor.  The temperature dropped dramatically from the previous week and will provide one more challenge as the mercury in Baylor is supposed to reach over 90 degrees.  Just one more challenge for the team, but one we are ready for as the training staff has been ensuring we are constantly hydrating.

Travelling to Texas will be a homecoming for eight Bulls who will be leading the charge for the rest of the team to follow and we are under no illusions as to how big this challenge will be but one that everyone is looking forward to.

With the game being in the heart of Texas, meant a little longer flight than most of the players were used to. Some of the guys on the team like flying more than others. It’s funny to see the players who don’t like flying and their different emotions and reactions during the flight.  It was a successful flight nonetheless as we arrived safely in Waco and had our day before the game walkthrough on the field in preparation for tomorrow.

We would like to make a shout out to our roommate and teammate Raphael Akobundu who is celebrating his 22nd birthday today. Not that we need it, but it will add a little inspiration for tomorrows game.

Go Bulls