Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reflecting on UConn

Obviously the game didn’t turn out how we wanted, but we have to learn from our mistakes and move on.   After giving up two touchdowns in the first quarter we clawed our way back in the second quarter by playing consistently well and showing glimpses of the kind of football we are striving to play week in and week out.  Unfortunately, we could not continue to pressure UConn in the second half and have now fallen to 1-3 on the season.  Clearly not where we wanted to be after 4 games but as usual we used the next 24 hours to look at our mistakes and turn our attention to Bowling Green which will mark the start of our conference schedule. 

Our conference opener essentially means the start of a brand new season. As coach Quinn said, our out of conference schedule is over and we learned a lot about our team.  Now it's time to move on and prepare for the MAC. Our two team goals are still intact; Graduate with a degree and win the MAC Championship.

Go Bulls

#13 & #39