Friday, September 17, 2010

Learn and Move On

By the time the plane touched down at Buffalo airport not only was it 5am on Sunday morning and the end of a long day but we had already switched our focus to improving and our next opponent; Central Florida.  Losses are always disappointing but the most disappointing thing about this game would be if we didn’t learn from our mistakes and correct them for this week.

After the short bus ride from the airport to UB Stadium on Sunday we immediately had medical checks and then we were allowed to go home and get some sleep.

Monday began the physical process of preparing for UCF with our normal heavy lift in the morning followed by film review and our “shake out” team run.

Tuesday was the first of our full pad practices and you could tell the team was determined to get back on track from the beginning of practice when Davonte Shannon got the team mentally locked in with some “enthusiastic words of encouragement” some of which can’t be reprinted.  During the special teams portion of the practice the coaches decided to dip the footballs in water to simulate wet conditions and see how the snapper’s holders and punters would cope.  It was an interesting exercise and just one more example of doing the little things to prepare for every possible situation.  The team completed the 24 period practice and thus concluded “Intense Tuesday.”

With this being the first time we have had a “normal” week (ie Sat to Sat game) we get the chance to redeem ourselves quickly and get back to playing Buffalo style football.

This week UB is celebrating International Night and if fans feel the need to get an Australian flavor to their body painting, signs or chants it won’t go unnoticed.  Also don’t forget to join the team at 4:30pm for our “Walk to Victory,” for more details go to and click on the football page.

Go Bulls

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