Friday, April 1, 2011

Improvement On and Off the Field

Whilst the team focuses on improving on the field, the facilities at UB stadium have also received some much needed improvements.  The most noticeable is the new team room (pictured below), which now has stadium style seating.  The computer and audio systems have also received an upgrade allowing for quicker and clearer video enabling players to better utilize meeting and film review.  The team would like to acknowledge and thank those people who invested financially in the UB Football program and in particular these recent upgrades.

Tuesday saw us hit UB Stadium for the first time and whilst we were greeted with clear skies, the wind chill factor certainly provided for some challenging conditions.  That being said the intensity continues to increase and players were upbeat and most importantly locked in mentally.  The most important thing this team needs to focus on is improving our concentration over the entire span of a game and as coach Quinn always states, “don’t beat ourselves” with costly mental mistakes.

The offense continues to improve and the beefed up offensive line is paving the way for our classy running backs to get into the defensive backfield.  The defense is continuing the tradition of hardworking blue collar defenses that UB has become known for and I guarantee the commentators will mention the names Mack and Means a fair few times this year as the terrorize opposition quarterbacks.

Thursday the team has meetings and lifting before returning to the field on Friday afternoon and again on Saturday morning for our second scrimmage.

Go Bulls

Pete #13