Monday, April 4, 2011

Second Scrimmage Shows Improvement in all Three Phases

Saturday saw the end of our second week of spring practices that culminated in our second scrimmage.  After a cold Friday practice we were greeted with warmer (albeit just a little bit) weather and almost ideal football conditions.  The focus of the day was improving our consistency and our “football smarts” under as close to game like conditions as possible.

Some highlights from the day included an interception by redshirt freshmen linebacker Lee Skinner (#36).  This was followed up by a solid fourth down stop by the defense.  Steve Means, Khalil Mack and Richie Smith terrorized the quarterbacks all day recording sacks and tackles for loss.

It wasn’t all one way traffic with Ed Young finding his way into the end zone three times. Senior tight end Aaron Connacher (#81) and senior wide-receiver Marcus Rivers (#2) both had impressive catches in traffic to keep the offense moving.  The running back stable of Jeffvon Gill (#21), Branden Oliver (#32), James Potts (#1) and Brandon Murie (#13) all ran the ball well a lot of which was because of the upfront blocking by the offensive linemen.

During the scrimmage we also repped the special team units for punt, punt return and PAT and field goal.