Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rodeo Comes to Town

Friday saw our second day of acclimatization and our second straight day at the Bills Field House.  Another day for the team to get better and work on fundamentals.  Whilst the pads still weren’t on and full out hitting was not occurring the intensity was definitely ramped up from Wednesday.

The alarm went of at 5:10am on Saturday morning and the specials team meeting was scheduled for 6 am before the team boarded the buses for the trip to the Bills and our first day of pads and full out hitting.

The first chance the boys got was the old fashioned rodeo drill which pits an offensive linemen versus a defensive linemen in a narrow chute and the offensive player must clear the way for a running back and when they get to the second level there is a receiver going against a defensive back.

The rodeo drill set the tone for the rest of practice and it was concluded with some solid 11 on 11 work with the offense getting some good yardage on the ground and the defense came up with some big plays to limit the passing attack.

Tuesday will see us hit UB Stadium for the first time and another chance to get after it.

Go Bulls

Pete #13